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ElSordo Ediciones is an independent publishing label, a project of self-publishing artists’ books, zines, illustrated albums and editions with diverse themes that cover disciplines such as visual arts (drawings, paintings, illustrations, etc.), comic book, poetry and History, with the ambition to narrow the most characteristic communication resources of each discipline. It is a platform focused on publishing artistic editorial projects, whose specific objective is the experimentation and the creation and development of new artistic languages.

At ElSordo.net we also sell limited editions of graphic works, prints and original Fine Art, providing the opportunity for customers to skip the middleman to buy Art directly from the artist. We offer the publications through the online store and in several bookshops and libraries. 

We love self-publishing and everything it means today, to seek creative freedom and independence from the control of each step, from the development of the idea and its free execution, to printing on paper and hand distribution from fair to fair, from bookshop to bookshop or through our online shop, elsordo.net

We are based in Madrid (Spain).


Presentación ElSordo.net - Ediciones

Presentación ElSordo.net - Ediciones


Participation in Book and Art Fairs

Feria Ilustrísima. Museo ABC (Madrid)
Mazoka. Feria de Dibujo e ilustración. Centro Cultural Montehermoso (Vitoria-Gasteiz)
Open Mercado. Museo Würth (La Rioja)
Krunch Festival. C.C. Quadernillos (Alcalá de Henares, Madrid)
Feria Dibumad. Galería de Cristal, Palacio de Cibeles (Madrid)
Encuentro editores Inclasificables. Casa de las Conchas (Salamanca)
Fanzimad. Biblioteca Pública Municipal Iván de Vargas (Madrid)
HUL(Q). ¡Hostia un libro!. C.C. Quadernillos (Alcalá de Henares, Madrid)
Feria de Artistas Españoles. Fondazione Metropolitan San Paolo Converso (Milán)
Feria de ediciones independientes y libros autoeditados. La Maripepa (Madrid)
Autozine. Mercado Municipal de Numancia (Madrid)
We Love Market. Mercado del Diseño de Andalucía (Paseo de los Tristes, Granada)
Zinecrash. Mercado de La Guindalera (Madrid)
Feria del Arte Alternativo. La Tabacalera (Madrid)
Guindazine. Mercado de La Guindalera (Madrid)


Participation in Book and Art Fairs - ElSordo.net


Collective exhibitions
Matadero. La Casa del Lector. (Madrid)
CentroCentro, 4th floor (Madrid)
Matadero. La Central del Diseño. (Madrid)
Casa de Vacas (Madrid)
Círculo de Bellas Artes (Madrid)
Centro Cultural de la Villa, VII Certamen de Libro de Artista (Móstoles)
Galería Espacio 8 (Madrid)
Miscelanëa + Ras gallery (Barcelona)
Box 32 gallery (Berlín)
Art&Techno. Teatro Eslava (Madrid)
Galería Apetit (Bilbao)

Individual exhibitions
Sala Siroco. Lounge (Madrid)
Sala de exposiciones, Editorial SinSentido (Madrid)
Sala Noble del Convent de Sant Agustí (Barcelona)
Sala Artepolis (Madrid)
Galería Casa de los Jacintos (Madrid)
Electron Libre/Chez Robert (París)
Sala de exposiciones Teatro Gurdulú (Madrid)

Presentación ElSordo.net - Prints


(+34) 664.016.383


Presentación ElSordo.net - Ediciones

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